Is there such a thing as the perfect-fitting pair of jeans? If you ask me, I’d likely shake my head in disagreement. But that’s perhaps about to change thanks to NYDJ.

See these women in the denim brand’s “Fit Is Everything” fall 2017 campaign? They were recruited at malls across the country by NYDJ via its National Fit Tour. The program, which launched in April, gave fashion lovers a chance to a) get their hair and makeup done b) try on a pair of new jeans and c) potentially star in the brand’s new campaign.

The result? A selection of images of women of all shapes and ages modeling jeans. The lucky batch of teachers, fitness trainers, lawyers, and healthcare professionals model sizes 00 to 24, show us that looking good in your denim really does come from within.

In addition to sizing women from coast to coast with jeans that feel like leggings, NYDJ also teamed up with Clothes4Souls, an organization that helped donate an item of clothing to women in need for every single pair tried on across the tour.

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the idea that jeans are suffocating.

Scroll down to see some of the women featured in the empowering campaign—and visit for the full campaign on Tuesday, July 11.

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