To kick off Black History Month, the New York City based design studio TRNK debuted an exhibit titled Resistance/Resilience, focusing on contemporary Black protest art that honors the strength, triumph, and beauty of Black resistance. “It’s always so exciting to see the finished, fully realized product after working on it for so long,” TRNK Co-founder, Tariq Dixon tells ESSENCE. “I’m very pleased with how this exhibition turned out and the diversity of narratives we were able to express through the final selection of works,” he said.

Resistance/Resilience intends to communicate the truth about Black identity. Confronting the comfortability with struggle and the ability to recover, which ultimately furthers our fight for equality. “These types of projects are my favorite part of my job. They’re motivated by a personal passion or curiosity, and allow me to more deeply investigate those questions,” Dixon exclaims. The founder chose 11 artist to highlight who have captured moving protest art within the constant fight and struggle for progress. Photos from popular creators including Braylen Dion, Amandla Baraka, and Mahaneela will be displayed. “I already followed some of the artists in the exhibition, so it’s exciting to now have an opportunity to work with them.”

Monumental work from iconic creators like photojournalist Gordon Parks to Amy Sherald’s recent portrait of the late Breonna Taylor, provides a sobering perspective on current events while contextualizing the history of Black American art. Last year particularly we saw the mobilization of millions reckoning with the policies and institutions that have failed our community. Most importantly, creators laid the groundwork for a new social order, hoping to make those changes within the new year. “Hopefully, we’re able to reach new people who will think about the varied roles and voices of Black activist art differently after exploring the exhibition,” Dixon concluded.

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In addition, 25% of proceeds will be donated to Black Youth Project 100. Photographs will also be available for purchase framed or unframed ranging between $150 and $900. 

To view the Resistance/Resilience exhibit, visit here.