Visual artist, Cristina Martinez,  unveiled her latest and final Nordstrom collection which has everything you need to be ready for the upcoming warm season.

The contemporary artist, who is recognized for sharing the experiences of Black and Brown people in her work, revealed her inspiration for her third and last collection with Nordstrom, which debuted on March 8th. 

Martinez collaborated with the Nordstrom Made design team to imagine elements of her original artwork on a range of limited-edition products for women, men, gender-inclusive, children, newborns, and the home. The anthology comes to a close by conveying the story of the community’s relevance and impact.

“Working with Nordstrom was another opportunity for me to spotlight those who have to work a bit harder to be seen,” Martinez shares with “It’s my hope to create a sort of blueprint for other young Black and Brown kids, women, and anyone who doesn’t see opportunities happen for them as easily as others.” 

According to Martinez the latest collection is special because she was able to bring her full community into the project. “I hand-selected the team who worked on the creative content,” she shares. “From the producers to photographers, videographers, stylists, set designers, and even the catering. We had full creative freedom from Nordstrom to tell our stories and make the visuals that were important to us.”

In addition to selecting her team, Martinez also included her family in the campaign in order to share her most authentic self in her art. “Anyone who knows me knows they [my family] are core to who I am; their presence is always felt in every project in some way whether physically or symbolically. When I say it’s my mission to inspire kids who look like me, my kids are the first who come to mind.”

Martinez also mentioned that presenting the collection for Women’s History Month is also very special to her heart because she celebrates womanhood every day. “It felt right that we took this moment to really celebrate ourselves. I was able to include the women that are really important to me in this project.”

The collection is inspired by her three pieces of art: 

Just Add Water: Cristina encourages her viewer to stop and smell the flowers. It’s a reminder to be present and hopeful that bigger blooms are ahead. 

Bloom in Color: Encourages us to work together, make space for our neighbors, and bloom together. 

Untitled: Symbolizes the process of going through a unique transformation that allows you to come out stronger, better, and different on the other side.

See some of the bold and brilliant collection below:

The Nordstrom x Cristina Martinez is available now at


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