No Sesso’s Autumn/Winter 2020 campaign comes at just the right time. As the nation grapples with a pandemic that has taken over our lives and a social uprising as a result of police brutality, the Black community is finding it more important than ever to invest our dollars in companies that are equally invested in us.

The queer-positive brand No Sesso consistently puts minorities at the helm of their brand and the latest campaign for the label’s Autumn/Winter 2020 collection proves this to be true.

Created and produced in the home of Autumn Randolph, the brand’s co-designer, the images taken by Clifford Prince King illustrate the narrative of the collection entitled “A Vignette of the Renaissance on 24th Street.” The inspiration spawns from co-founder and designer Pierre Davis’ time spent with Randolph in her home on 24th Street in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The essence of No Sesso lies within its ability and confidence to create whatever they want. One look may include a tie-dye pair of overalls while the other may consist of a sheer wrap dress. This latest collection was initially introduced in L.A. during A/W fashion week in February. It was influenced by the lifestyle of African Americans in the 20’s and 30’s during the Harlem Renaissance.

The No Sesso Autumn/Winter 2020 collection will be available made to order. For more information visit their Instagram page.


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