While Black twitter has recently debated the rules on how to play UNO, the traditional card continues its Artiste Series featuring original artwork by artist Nina Chanel Abney. Chanel is most popularly known for her contemporary work that speaks to subjects like race, homophobia, and religion.

In collaboration with Pharrell and I am OTHER’s Black Ambition fund – a non-profit organization that is aimed to amplify success stories for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs who are launching tech, design, healthcare, and consumer products/services start-ups. This is the first time UNO will feature work of any living artist. “I love how UNO has been completely co-opted and many create their own house rules,” Chanel tells ESSENCE. “UNO allows for many interpretations and for that reason alone, it’s by far one of my favorite games.”

Originally launching in 2019, UNO’s Artiste Series was intended to pay homage to influential artists across diffrent decades by infusing art directly into the UNO deck. The series emerged honoring Jean-Michel Basquiat and later Keith Haring this July. In addition to the talented lineup, Chanel’s deck of card were released on December 11th. “UNO is probably the game that I have played the most during my life,” the artist included.

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As Christmas is just days away, card games serves as the perfect time for fellowship and UNO sits at the helm of togetherness. “Anyone can pretty much pick up the game immediately,” included Chanel. Priced at $20, pre-order the Nina Chanel x UNO deck here.