Nike Taps A Bevy Of Brown Beauties To Create The Campaign Of Our Dreams

Nike Women’s latest campaign definitely struck gold on the diversity front! Yesterday, curvy Swedish model Sabina Karlsson shared a photo of the campaign to promote the new Nike Pants Studio on her Instagram, and it’s absolutely stunning.

The campaign, which was shot by photographer Carlota Guerrero, also featured a diverse group of women including Annahstasia Enuke, an artist and musician from Los Angeles, Paris-based model Maéva Prigent, Shona Richards, a Nike athlete and rising sprint talent in the UK, New York-based model Karina Knapp and Nardi Boodoo, a professional ballet dancer.

Recently, Nike launched nine new or updated workout pants to correlate with specific activities as a part of the Nike Pants Studio and the gorgeous campaign was shot in conjunction. “We are designing for every athlete — no matter what activity they’re doing,” said Jamie Lee, Senior Design Director for Nike Women’s Training in an official statement. “On top of expanding the styles, we’re giving choices for materials, finishes, feel, rises, lengths and features.”

This latest ad from Nike is definitely one of the most inclusive ones we’ve ever seen, and we can only hope other brands take heed. All nine of the new workout pants and tights from Nike Pants Studio are available now on

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