Our Favorite Picks From The Nicki Minaj And Fendi Collaboration
Photo: @nickiminaj

Just last week Nicki Minaj released her highly anticipated collaboration with the luxury label, Fendi. After months of teasing the collaboration, the pair released a 127-piece collection with pops of pink and metallic spearheading the collection. “Fendi Prints On is for everyone who wants to show skin. We all go to the beach, we all get sexy, we all have sex, we all bust it open,” Minaj told Elle.

The current “Fendi Prints On” collection is an infuse of Fendi’s luxury aesthetic with Minaj’s sultry charm. Pieces include monogrammed pink leggings, vintage fur bags, and knit dresses. While the price point is relatively high ranging from $220-$10,900, the luxe pieces are guaranteed to pop with any outfit. Shop the full collection at fendi.com.

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Check out our favorite pieces below.


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