Nick Cannon Took A Break From Class To Help Teach Guys How To Dress

Gone are the days of the young and innocent Nick Cannon, flashing his bright smile across TV screens… that kid (FKA Mariah’s husband), has matured into a well-developed business man, a proud father and a true, media magnate!

All of which has drawn renowned fashion label, Perry Ellis, to team-up with Cannon for its latest men’s collection. The brand targeted guys from all over the world, to express their own personal style while wearing Perry Ellis (bloggers and other partnerships were made for this venture in lieu of a traditional, runway show). 

Victor Hugo

Knowing a thing -or two, or three- about audience engagement and demographic reach, Cannon took to the Macy’s stage to help give a global audience an opportunity to see how guys all around the world style their Perry Ellis clothing, encouraging user-generated content for its in-store campaign and marketing.

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And speaking of campaigns, Cannon is also grinding out on the campus of Howard University, as a freshman student pushing towards a college degree!

When I asked him about making this choice and about life on campus, he said he’s on a “quest for intellectualism!” And about his sartorial swag while on campus, he says, “I try to blend in… it’s more comfort more than anything when you’re in school. A lot of sweats, I might throw a dashiki on… or a turban and be turned up!” And about those turbans, he says, “I truly see it as something representing that sovereignty in the crown… whether it’s a turban or a head wrap!”

D Dipasupil

Moreover, as we’ve seen Cannon take various style-risks throughout his career, he’s always found a way back to his core- which is stylish, suited and booted (which is where he shines best), and while wrapping up his notes about the project, Cannon says, “I’ve always been a fan of the brand, and it just made so much sense. Perry Ellis does it all, like I do it all.”

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