The Fashion Essentials Every Woman Needs in Her Life on New Year's Eve

Planning to hit the town for New Year's Eve? Don't get caught out there unprepared! We all know that pretty much anything can happen on the last night of the year, so make your festivities foolproof with these essentials. From the perfect purse to Dr. Scholls insoles, here's everything you need to check off your list before you go!

Dominique Hobdy Dec, 30, 2016

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A small but flexible purse will let you be hands free and allow you to bring everything you need.

Beaded Bucket Bag, $36,

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No need to stop and take a break, dance all night with these comfort-inducing insoles.

Dr. Scholl's Dreamwalk Heel Liners, $5,

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Leave that stain behind in 2016 with this trusty spot remover.

Tide to Go Pen 1 Instant Stain Remover, $2.59,

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Reapply your perfume with a delicate swipe of this amazing fragrance.

NEST Indigo, $25,

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If you're carrying a bag big enough, this kit has pretty much everything you need.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Emergency Kit, $10,

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Sometimes your feet call it quits before you actually make it home.These will be life savers when they simply can't take it anymore.

Women's Sidekicks Round Toe Foldable Glitter Ballet Flats, $25,

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These are more for the next day than anything because although champaigne is a lovely concept, it's not always nice to our bodies. If you find yourself in a 'sunglasses and advil' situation come January 1st, throw these on and go about your fabulous way.

Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $34,


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