At the 2020 MAKERS Conference in Los Angeles, Secret Deodorant, a longtime champion of women’s equality and advocate for female athletes announced a new partnership with Serena Williams. The new collaboration will further progress gender equality and pledged an additional $1 million in support of equality programs. “I think Secret is, obviously and clearly a supporter of supporting women’s issues, and I feel like the brand has become a leader in the fight for the cause. As you know, I was really vocal myself about gender bias,” Williams told ESSENCE.

As the archetype of strength, determination, and perseverance to achieve her goals and break records, Williams offers her unique experience and perspective as a female athlete and change agent. “Sports changed my life and I feel compelled to continue giving back to ensure a brighter future for women in sports. I am incredibly honored to join forces with Secret and look forward to partnering closely to further the fight for gender equality for all athletes,” Williams said. 

To start, Serena and Secret will conduct a study on “Gender Inequality In Sports” to explore gender bias and the ways it surfaces at different levels of play from high school athletics to professional sports. 

Secret’s Associate Brand Director, Sarah Saunders, revealed that Secret is excited to learn how inequality plays out in sports. “In partnership with Serena – one of the world’s foremost athletes and an icon of strength – we are eager to further explore how these inequalities play out in sports and work together to effect tangible progress,” she exclaimed.