Fashion site StyleLikeU is known for delivering a raw and real look at what true style really means. Their well-known “What’s Underneath” project implores women to open up by stripping down — ultimately revealing the core of who they are.

In celebration of Black History month, StyleLikeU has teamed up with influential Black women hailing from New Orleans for a docu-series that delves deeper into what really shapes us and how we choose to express ourselves. The 5 subjects open up about about their lives and disrobe to show that style isn’t what we wear but who we are.

The series continues with 78-year-old New Orleans based Roselyn Lionhart. The outspoken, colorful musician opens up about everything from her days in the Air Force, to her interracial marriage during a time when it was still illegal in 25 states. She also talks about facing racism throughout her life, what makes her feel vulnerable and what makes her strong.

Check out Roselyn’s uplifting and compelling story above!


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