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Naomi Campbell Beautifully Defends Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham

"I wouldn't comment on someone's size. I just think it's wrong."
Naomi Campbell Beautifully Defends Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham
Pietro D’aprano/Getty Images

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been very vocal about the lack of diversity in the fashion, but we haven’t heard her weigh in on the issue of body image — at least not until now. 

During an visit to the New York City-based radio show “Sway In The Morning” on Thursday, the Bristish bombshell responded the recent body-shaming controversy surrounding plus-size model and Sports Ilustrated covergirl Ashley Graham when seasoned model Cheryl Tiegs called Graham “beautiful” — but referred to her curvy figure has “unhealthy.”

Eek! Campbell, who stars on Fox’s “Empire,” wasn’t impressed with that assessment and said as much. 

“I would never make a comment like that. I think it’s way too personal,” Campbell said. “I don’t know what Ashley eats and that’s not necessarily because you’re bigger that it means you’re eating tons of food. I’ve got tons of friends who are bigger. It could be a hormone problem. I don’t think Ashley’s big like that. She’s not a beast. I think sometimes our bones are bigger and we’re just built that way. That doesn’t mean we’re fat. I wouldn’t comment on someone’s size. I just think it’s wrong. I think she’s a beautiful woman, regardless what color or creed. She should be able to model.”

Well said. 

Check out the video above for that gem and more on amazing quotes from Ms. Campbell.