#MyEICLife: Celebrating our Global Issue, Striking a Pose and More
Michael Rowe
“My EIC Life” is a dose of marvelous musings straight from ESSENCE’s editor-in-chief,Vanessa K. De Luca. It’s your glimpse into her oh-so-fabulous life, which is filled with amazing people, awesome must-haves and endless inspiration. 
Global beat: For the second year running, we’ve gone global in the August issue, where we highlight the issues, faces, people and places that fascinate us worldwide. This time around we flew down to Rio with Zendaya, and also spent some time exploring the streets of Brazil. You can here all about our new issue and more in my Facebook Live edition of My EIC Life, taped earlier this week. Apple Music moment: Essence Festival New Orleans may be over, but being back here in the office hasn’t kept us from flashing back to the fab invite-only Apple Music party we co-sponsored during the July 4th weekend. One of our fave photographers, Michael Rowe, was on hand to capture candid portraits of the oh-so-stylish attendees, and boy did we have a blast. Check out these photos for a taste of all the fun (my picture is above).

Michael Rowe

Michael Rowe

Christmas in July: Going to movie preview screenings is one of my favorite perks of this job; even better: being able to bring my family along! This week, hubby and teen daughter went with me to see Gabrielle Union’s upcoming family holiday flick “Almost Christmas.” Mo’Nique, Nicole Ari Parker, Romany Malco, Danny Glover, Omar Epps, Kimberly Elise and more of our faves are also starring. One word: Hilarious! Go see it and take the fam with you when it hits movie theaters this November. Face2Face: Last weekend I was the proud recipient of the FACE List Media Award, which celebrates the accomplishments of influential leaders from across several industries who have made tremendous impacts in their respective fields and who play a vital role in providing positive representation of the pan-African community. That’s a mouthful! Honestly, I am always humbled when others recognize the work that I do on behalf of our ESSENCE family, and I promise you I’ll continue to showcase the best of who we are, and who we hope to be.

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#WeDecide: Next week I will be conducting a sit-down interview with presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and I’d love to hear what questions you have for her. Tweet your questions for Hillary to me  @Vanessa_KDeluca, or email me at vanessa@essence.com.
xoxo, Vanessa

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