#MyEICLife: Slaying in Black Designers, Defending Black Media and More
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“My EIC Life” is a dose of marvelous musings straight from ESSENCE’s editor-in-chief,Vanessa K. De Luca. It’s your glimpse into her oh-so-fabulous life, which is filled with amazing people, awesome must-haves and endless inspiration. 
  Designing woman: I’m always excited when I meet a Black designer who understands how to dress curves, has a great color sense and believes in the power of quality fabrics and tailoring. Enter Jody Davis, who counts Soledad O’Brien and Mikki Taylor among her celeb clients–and now yours truly. I instantly fell in love with her dresses, and recently wore this Obama China Blue beauty to an important interview I conducted with some VIPs. You too can #BuyBlack by visiting Jody’s site at JodyDavis.com.

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Prep with purpose: Being the perfectionist that I am, I spend a lot of time doing my own research for stories and interviews. But this time around, I invited our @Essencemag social media family to submit questions for a Q&A I did this week with Hillary Clinton. The response was phenomenal, and the questions were amazing. So here’s just to say thank you for being the smart, savvy engaged audience you’ve always been, and for sharing your thoughts with me. A few of your questions were shared with Secretary Clinton, and you can read all about her responses in an upcoming issue.

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Cut Life, TWA Edition: It is pure joy for me to talk to other writers, bloggers and vloggers about their passion for the work they do and the audiences they serve. I recently sat down with Maya Table (@Maya_Table) of The Cut Life to talk all things Essence, why I did the big chop ages ago, and the emotional currency of the word “nappy.” Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the conversation. }, cast: {}, floating: { dismissible: true }, autoPause: { viewability: false }, displaytitle: true, displaydescription: true, controls: true, related: { displayMode: 'shelfWidget' }, advertising: {"client":"googima","tag":"https:\/\/pubads.g.doubleclick.net\/gampad\/ads?correlator=&iu=\/21698916284\/ess\/VideoFashion&impl=s&env=vp&gdfp_req=1&output=vast&sz=1000x1&description_url=__page-url__&tfcd=0&npa=0&vpmute=0&vpa=auto&vad_format=linear&url=__page-url__&vpos=preroll&unviewed_position_start=1&v=am91945&pmnd=0&pmxd=60000&ad_rule=1&cust_params=ttid%3Dam91945%26frnch%3D__item-franchise__%26fr%3D%25%25PATTERN%3Afr%25%25%26environment%3D%26kwblock%3D[\"Bui\",\"Abb\",\"Microsoft\",\"Wal\",\"Air\",\"CapOne2\"]","vpaidcontrols":true} })