When Beyoncé wore that Atelier Versace yellow jumpsuit at the Global Citizens concert earlier this year and paired it with a sheer yellow coat and matching hat, we thought, “being ‘matchy-matchy’ isn’t so bad after all.” And though practically anything Bey rocks looks good, who knew that she was secretly introducing us to next Fall’s biggest trend–monochromatic looks?

Diving into the monochromatic wave can be as simple as wearing all black or challenging yourself with color or pattern and finding correlating pieces to go with it. This past New York Fashion Week, Carly Cushine’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection was full of monochromatic dreaminess. From burgundy to navy to even lilac, Cushnie hit the nail on the head, showing us how to style pieces of the same color palette.

Stella Jean, a Black designer known for mixing prints and patterns sent several monochromatic looks down the runway during Milan Fashion Week. Models sported chic getups in tan, black and red, with a few looks featuring head to toe patterns–a new lane for the Haitian-Italian creative.

The monochromatic trend throws away the stereotype of wearing complementary colors and creates a color or patterned compilation that oddly flows together. Our ‘Forever First Lady,’ Michelle Obama is no stranger to this. Her classic look is built around pairing pieces of one hue together and topping it off with a neutral shoe.

And Cardi B recently wore an all-over tie-dyed look by Copenhagen brand Sakk Potts, complete with a matching wig.

While Summer is here and thriving, it’s never to early to prep your Fall wardrobe. Will you be stepping into the monochromatic trend this September? We sure will.


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