While art is expressed in many different forms, the latest art trend is NFT. If you’re unfamiliar with NFT, let us clue you in. 

“Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique and can’t be replaced with something else. For example, a bitcoin is fungible—trade one for another bitcoin, and you’ll have exactly the same thing,” according to a breakdown on The Verge. “NFTs can really be anything digital (such as drawings, music, etc), but a lot of the current excitement is around using the tech to sell digital art.”

What is most exciting for the artists is that they have an opportunity to make big bank. The NFT of a Gucci Ghost was auctioned off at Christie’s seeing for $69 million!

With big money to be made, it comes as no surprise that the fashion world has also entered the NFT space with what is known as Crypto Fashion. According to former judge of America’s Next Top Model, Miss J, this is a trend that is in demand for fashion influencers and enthusiasts.

“I think on the consumer side people are more inclined to stay home rather than go out in public with the risk of Covid,” he tells ESSENCE exclusively. “People are just more cautious and hesitant to go to shared experiences especially crowded public events, so the pandemic pushed the public into the Metaverse.”

Miss J has recently entered the world of crypto fashion with his collaboration with Dress X titled Miss J x Crypto Couture. Since 2021, the fashion designer has been working on his clothing line just for the NFT world. 

“I was working with The Atfluence Agency on a fragrance project and James Moritz pitched the idea of creating a line of digital fashion using one of the leading manufacturers of digital fashion, Dress X,” Miss J explains. “I sketched the entire line out, and DressX made these creations come to life.”

Miss J, 63, decided to make his debut fashion line an NFT because he believes that digital fashion is the evolution of fast fashion or disposable fashion. “Fast fashion is good for one or two wears, then ends up taking valuable closet space. It is a huge waste of money,” he tells us about his decision. “Digital Fashion however is an investment as they can also be resold and become collector’s items.”

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According to the runway coach turned fashion designer, the Crypto Couture collection is centered around making the ordinary extraordinary. “I first sketched out some drawings that I wanted to become part of the collection. The major elements are my silhouette and the Runway legs created by Michael Couch, which are used in several designs.”

Miss J also offered this piece of detail, “If you look closely at the houndstooth pattern on the leggings, you will see that it’s not a traditional houndstooth but instead my silhouette placed in a pattern to appear similar to houndstooth.”

If you are into Crypto Couture and wonder if the NFT fashion will be available in reality, wonder no more. “Yes, The Crypto Couture Street Phygital Collection is a unique phyigital (physical and digital asset sale) because the purchase comes with both an NFT and a physical piece of fashion for all you fashion lovers,” Miss J shares with much optimism.

Miss J also wants people to realize the incredible opportunity that the Metaverse and NFT’s represent. “It is easy to purchase an NFT and then login to the many worlds that support the Venly wallet,” he explains.

To get the drop and early access to the Miss J x Crypto Couture collection, be sure to register at superpopdrop.com/account/register. You get a 10% off promo code just for registering. 

** Editor’s Note: This story/interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.