Michael B. Jordan Launches Anime-Inspired Coach Collection
Photo: Leo Volcy

Michael B. Jordan is a jack of all trades. The beloved actor can now add fashion designer to his resume as he readies a new capsule collection with Coach. This January, MBJ became the first-ever global face for Coach menswear followed by the actor starring in campaigns for the label throughout this year. Now, he is bringing his style to a company that has mastered the design of a classic leather piece. “This was my first design collaboration so I didn’t want to act like I knew exactly what I was doing,” Jordan told ESSENCE.

The new MBJ x Coach collection will feature ready-to-wear bags, and footwear inspired by the popular Anime franchise Naruto, which also happens to be Jordan’s favorite.

The capsule collection retails between $95 to $2500 and will be available at Coach stores and Coach.com.

ESSENCE: What makes your partnership with Coach so special?

I’ve had the chance to get to know Stuart over the last few years and build a relationship with Coach. I know he loves animation and cartoon characters, so I knew this would be right in his wheelhouse. To be able to collaborate, build, and pull inspiration from anime and my favorite cartoons growing up it was a pretty cool experience.

“I was really excited about designing.” – MBJ

ESSENCE: What are some key elements that a MBJ collection must entail?

Jordan: I’m big on jackets – I like layers. The denim jacket was something I was really excited about designing. I liked being able to add subtle details like the cloud print in the lining of the jacket. I thought that was really classy and impactful. I also like the Kakashi jacket, it’s a black bomber that turns into a vest. I’m into utility and functionality and pieces that can transform into other things so you can take the sleeves off and turn it into a vest. I really wanted it to be functional.

ESSENCE: What was the design process like for this collaboration, how much design control did you have?

Jordan: This was my first design collaboration so I didn’t want to act like I knew exactly what I was doing, so I definitely let Coach take the lead on some things and took their advice on some directions to go in. But at the same time, I really wanted to key in on a few different things and put my fingerprints on it and really make it, me. It was a fun process.

ESSENCE: Why was it important for you to incorporate your favorite anime charter into the collection?

Jordan: I wanted to use something personal to me and incorporating Naruto into the collection felt really authentic. It played such a big part in my childhood growing up and into my adult life.