Melanie Fiona And Melanie Marie Joined Forces For A Bracelet Collection Inspired By The Joys Of Motherhood
Courtesy of Melanie Marie

Motherhood can be complex and often challenging. But ultimately, the journey is both beautiful and rewarding. Just ask Grammy Award-winning singer Melanie Fiona and jeweler and founder of Melanie Marie, Melanie White, who came together for a bracelet collection honoring the magic of being a mama.

“l love jewelry, I love moms,” Fiona tells ESSENCE. “I had this idea to do something special for Mother’s Day, and wanted to make it even more special by collaborating with a fellow amazing mom, who also happens to be named Melanie. So I reached out!” The idea was met with open arms and didn’t require much convincing. “I automatically said yes,” White says. “I felt like it would be perfect because we’ve already organically clicked.”

Fiona placed her trust in White to truly bring the vision to life. “I really relied on Mel’s [White] expertise for this,” Fiona says. “I told her I wanted to create something that would honor the saying ‘Every Day is Mother’s Day.'” From there, White sent Fiona a few options. The duo decided that the cuffs would be the best option because the MOMTRA sayings would always be in eyesight and would look great layered with other jewelry pieces. “I feel like no matter what your jewelry style is, a bracelet is a classic staple piece that anyone can wear,” Fiona continues.

Both say that since the cuffs could be personalized, it inspired the series of MOMTRA phrases that belong to the collection. “We strongly believe in the power of words and created each phrase with thought and intention,” they say. “We wanted there to be something that would resonate with all women, at any stage of motherhood. We want women to feel empowered by wearing these little reminders everyday.”

The MOMTRAs were also inspired by the invaluable lessons learned through motherhood — Fiona has a five-year-old son and White has two daughters, a newborn and a four-year-old. “My greatest and hardest lesson has been learning how to surrender,” Fiona says. “I’ve learned to dismiss all expectations of trying to control every little thing to perfection and allow grace and patience to step in — with ourselves and with our children. Surrendering to the journey is what allows you to enjoy it.” White echoes those sentiments. “With kids nothing will go as planned, and I’m a major planner,” she says. “I love to plan out my day and create to do lists. Some days things go as planned and other days, we just do what we can. I had to let that go and be prepared for anything that may come.”

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