As I have gotten older, investing in jewelry has become a fun hobby of mine. I’d rather have a few pieces that are durable rather than a cut-rate piece that is easily disposable. But admittingly, the $6,300 Cartier bracelet that I’ve been eyeing is completely over my price range. So, while I like to think I have expensive taste in jewelry, my budget is reminding me to remain humble. Luckily, I was able to discover Mejuri – a company that produces high-quality jewelry selects for a fair price. The brand works with expert jewelers and its mission lies within making fine jewelry easily accessible.

That is why, this Christmas, when I am deciding on what seasonal drops to spend my money on, Mejuri was a no-brainer. For its holiday collection, the fair-trade-dealer has released “Bold Chains,” which happens to be the most requested collection to date. To do so, Mejuri looked at its feedback from customers and listened to their demands.

Mejuri Released The Perfect Holiday Collection

“I personally would like more bolder pieces. You already have some in the mix and I think they are great to pair with your more delicate items to create a balance when layering necklaces or earrings,” a customer wrote. Mejuri’s Bold Chains Collection is a series including three necklaces and three bracelets, “meant to work for any occasion.” Prices range from $60 to $395 and can be purchased here.