If there’s one thing Megan The Stallion knowns how to do, it’s bounce back.

After dealing with an incident that resulted in the rapper suffering gun wounds to the foot, she returned with an announcement last week that her Fashion Nova collection was on its way, specifically pointing out that jeans for tall women will be available. This week, after celebrating the success of her newest single “Don’t Stop,” she announced her fashion nova collection will release on November 18th.

“Whatever kind of clothes you want, we got it,” she expressed in a video posted to her Instagram channel yesterday afternoon.

From the looks of it, the collection will feature a few selects of patchwork denim and the rapper even hinted at puppy pieces. This is not surprising considering Megan is a dog mom herself. With the fashion industry expanding to a more size inclusive approach, this collection allows fast fashion entities to join that conversation as well. “Tall hotties stand up,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.


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