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Lizzo Finally Reveals What She Carries In Her Tiny Bag

Honestly, same.

Lizzo has finally answered our question: What can you actually fit in the Jacquemus “Le Chiquito” mini bag? From the looks of a TikTok video posted on Instagram yesterday, the “Truth Hurts” singer managed to jokingly fit a wine bottle, pencil, and bodysuit amongst other things into the trendy find.

“Yall wanna know what’s in my bag b–,” she asked her followers as she pulled a few necessities out of her mini purse. Of course, we know that the only thing you can actually fit inside the Le Chiquito is airpods and a few coins but, for fashion, sacrifices are necessary to pull off a chic look.

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This is not the first time the singer has had a run-in with smaller than life totes. She recently sported a custom Valentino mini bag at the American Music Awards late last year. While the verdict is still out on what she can actually fit in her AMA bag, Lizzo is the perfect celebrity to make you laugh at obnoxious fashion trends.

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