Regine, Regine! 8 Fashion Notes We’ve Taken From ‘Living Single’
Out of all the iconic characters on Living Single, the most stylish of them all is Régine Hunter (with Kyle Barker as a close runner-up). Played by actress Kim Fields, Régine was the ultimate diva and the style maven of ‘90s sitcoms, trailblazing the way for characters such as Carrie Bradshaw of Sex & The City. Hunter raised the style bar in every episode. She had an outfit (and wig) for every occasion, whether going to church, work or out to be wined and dined. Often times she shared some style advice with her friends who reluctantly accepted but we were taking notes and still keep in mind. In honor of Living Single’s 25th Anniversary, we’re sharing a few notes we’ve learned from Ms. Hunter’s stylish ways.

Regine had a wig to go with every outfit, attitude and job — and we loved every one of them!

  1. Ears out, earrings on! If you’re wearing your hair up or its cut short, wear a pair of earrings that flatter your look. Sometimes it’s the missing piece to a great outfit. You never caught Régine without a pair of earrings
  2. Don’t shy away from patterns, and a subtle pair of hosiery to match. Our fave had the perfect selection of tights either solid or decorative to go with one of her sophisticated skirt suits.
  3. Grab a purse to match! She always had a handbag to match each of her looks. Keep in mind that accessories are just as important as the apparel.
  4. There is no such thing as too much of one color. If you like a color – wear it!

  1. A low neckline calls for some accessories. A pair of earrings and a matching necklace may complete the look.
  2. Cinch your waist with a belt to create your ideal silhouette.
  3. A scarf serves as the most functional accessory. Régine knows how to work a scarf – she either draped it around her head for an incognito look or wrapped it around her neck as the perfect statement piece.
  4. Always keep a dress handy that shows off your favorite “assets.” You never know what the evening has in-store.
In the great words of Régine Hunter, “I don’t wear outfits. I create looks.” Smooches!

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