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Leomie Anderson Teams Up With ESSENCE For A Halloween Exclusive

Halloween, but make it fashion.
Leomie Anderson Teams Up With ESSENCE For Halloween
Photographer: Olivia Richardson / @oliverichardson

There seems to be no greater time to celebrate Halloween than this year. Arguably 2020 has been challenging and dressing up as your favorite character this weekend may relieve you from some of the stress.

This year, while Halloween looks a bit diffrent due to the pandemic, that doesn’t have to equate to completely ditching the spooky festivities. “Usually, I’m in New York around this time of year and you know how much they love Halloween there so it’s always fun,” supermodel Leomie Anderson tells ESSENCE.

Anderson is the first British Victoria’s Secret Angel, along with modeling for a number of luxury fashion houses and sitting at the helm of her own company LAPP the brand. “I’m always so last-minute with my costume that I stress myself out.” Although the model is unfortunately not in NYC this year, ESSENCE collaborated with Anderson this season to pay homage to the fun in dressing this season. There’s no harm in putting on a costume and adding a fashion twist to make it pop.

Can you guess who we were inspired by? Find out in this interview below.

ESSENCE: What made you want to go all out this year for Halloween?

Anderson: Honestly, with everything going on, I’ve been feeling really heavy. Keeping up with everything such as #EndSARS, #CongoIsBleeding and other issues in the world is important but it can be hard mentally. I wanted to have a moment where I had fun with my friends and created these Halloween looks because I’ve never really done it before so I thought why not now?

ESSENCE: Can you explain why you decided on these costumes?

Anderson: With the playboy bunny I wanted to recreate a similar look to Teyana Taylor at the end of the Fade music video but didn’t want to be the same animal. Paige my makeup artist suggested a bunny and we just ran with it. Of course, I had to throw in some Victoria’s Secret too. 

ESSENCE: Do you have any spooky films or traditions you’re doing this season?

Anderson: I think I may rewatch The Haunting of Hill House with my mum as she loves those kind of series but really my life is scary enough sometimes haha I don’t need to add to it. 

ESSENCE: This year has been challenging but luckily days like Halloween can bring a little joy, how have you been staying sane?

Anderson: Renovating my new home and relaunching my brand and platform LAPP The Brand has kept me occupied during this time. When I’m not focused on those things, I’m with my boyfriend or best friends because I think it’s so important now more than ever to be around people you love and who love you. 

ESSENCE: Is there anything we can expect from you coming up?

Anderson: I have a new LAPP collection dropping next month which I’m super excited for and some new Christmas campaigns too alongside some amazing people. The end of the year is looking to be the best yet God willing!


Photographer: Olivia Richardson / @oliverichardson

Hair: Seraiah Artistry / @seraiahartistry

Makeup/ Prosthetics: Paige Cole / @paigecolemakeup

Styling: Leomie Anderson Rudy Simba Betty / @rudysimbabetty Assisted by: Malcom Yaeng/ @Malcolmyaeng