It may be 2018, but we still find us looking for representation on TV, the runway and even on magazines!

Thankfully, many of you turn to ESSENCE magazine each month (or each day!), there aren’t many other options for Black women when it comes to seeing themselves consistently represented, celebrated and encouraged!

This is why Kolor Magazine was launched.

Kolor Magazine, that debuted issue this week, was founded by editor Nigel Isaiah. Model Briana Michelle is featured as Kolor’s first cover star, and street-fashion photographer Ammar Thomas shot the cover.

In an Instagram post, founder and editor Isaiah said, “You couldn’t [have] convinced the Nigel that moved to NYC to chase his dreams of being a fashion editor that I’d shoot my shot with creating and developing my own fashion magazine.”

Adding, “But, THE FASHION INDUSTRY NEEDS A LITTLE KOLOR IN ITS LIFE! I want to Kolor to be a solution, a space where Fashion and black and brown faces, thoughts, ideas and culture and live and be celebrated. We as people of color control the cool, set the trends and are on to the next by time the rest of world catches up. So I share with you my baby, the first issue of @kolormagazine.”

Check out the free debut issue of Kolor Magazine here.