The prominent French fashion went on an adventure for its Fall/Winter 2019 advertising campaign. To embark on a journey down a road that’s less traveled, with a bold, dramatic new focus. By partnering with storied pop photographer David LaChappelle again, after the brand’s first creative collaboration for the fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2019 campaign.

Breaking down the traditional confides for campaigns set by Fashion Houses. Kenzo and photographer, David LaChappelle have created a series of edgy imagery that is seemlier to postcards sent from the futuristic vacation. Ultimately, blurring the lines between the worlds of fine art, luxury advertising, and wanderlust often created by social media.

For their Fall/Winter 2019 campaign, Kenzo tabbed a diverse group of creatives. Including some of our favorites like, Logan Browning and Selah Marley to be the faces of this off-the-wall journey of discovery and exploration that highlights Kenzo’s new ‘TALI’ bag. TALI stands for “talisman,” an object that is thought to bring good luck; for the bag, the talisman is the eye, which serves as the innovative clasp for the bag.

Check out the entire Kenzo Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign below: