Continuing with its Maxx You Project that inspires and empowers women to overcome obstacles in embracing individuality, mega-retailer T.J. Maxx has enlisted music icon Kelly Rowland as a mentor for its program. The Maxx You Project offers special seminars and curated online courses that help women across the country connect with mentors and experts. When asked to be on board with the project Rowland says, “I was like- YES, we’re doing this… and of course with Destiny’s Child being pro-women and proud feminists; this was definitely going to happen.

“With our social media age, we are heavily influenced, but when we know who we are and what we bring to the table, it inspires other people and it ignites their own individual light,” says Rowland. Outside of now being recognized as an auxiliary outlet for self-improvement, T.J. Maxx is originally known as a giant fashion retailer that offers designer items at a discount price. Rowland also recalls her days as a youth where she frequently shopped the store, “We went back to school shopping with my mom, at T.J. Maxx and I remember so many personal style moments that T.J. Maxx was a part of,” she says.

Kelly Rowland speaks with T.J.Maxx Sales Associates

Rowland also revealed to us her fave ESSENCE moment. “Being at ESSENCE Festival. Seeing so many Black businesses and so many of us enjoying our culture, together -in peace- and enjoying music,” she says. And what about her own music, as well as that huge Coachella moment she shared with Beyoncé and Michelle? Rowland says, “I finally have something to present… it could drop tomorrow or next week! “I was so excited and ready [for Coachella]! I was excited for our fans because they wanted to know when they’d see us together again.” Rowland also dropped a few gems for all the young girls who might look up to her as a role model, she says, “Choose something you’re passionate about — don’t do it for fame or followers, or the hopes of somebody that you like or think is cute. Do it for you and be drenched in it. Make sure there’s only one you.”


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