You’ll Never Guess Who Kelly Rowland’s Favorite Fashion Designer Is
Alison Buck

Yesterday Breyer’s Ice Cream Celebrated their 150th anniversary in New York City with a party in Washington Square hosted by Kelly Rowland. And while we’re thrilled that one of our favorite ice cream brands has been around for a century and and half, what we really wanted was the scoop (pun intended) on Rowland’s highly anticipated makeup line

Sadly the Grammy award-winning singer couldn’t dish on the details. But she did tell that the brand’s mission will be “enhancing women’s beauty — not covering it.” 

We may not have gotten the 411 on her cosmetic line, but Rowland did offer some insight into her closet — and you’ll never guess who her favorite designer is.

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“Phillip Lim is one of my favorite designers,” she said. “I have four pieces of his in my closet that I just wear over and over and over again.”

Now that we think about it, that makes total sense. Rowland is without question a style star — often donning classic pieces with a hint of masculine appeal. Very Lim. 

Rowland’s easy-going style is the perfect aesthetic for Lim’s casual chic appeal. She prides herself on dressing how she feels and believes you should always wear the clothes, not the other way around. As for her shoe game?  Rowland is all about comfort. “I love shoes but whatever shoe I wear it need to be comfortable—cute, but comfortable,” she explained. “After all, you only get on set of feet!”