Joré Marshall caught our attention when she danced alongside Beyoncé at Coachella last month — curves and all. Not only did she slay on the Beychella stage, but we also learned that Marshall slays regularly, not just on stage. ESSENCE caught up with Marshall to touch base on beauty and fashion. Check it out.

What is a feature you love to accentuate?

“I love my breasts and hips because when I wear high waisted pants or a crop top it brings out my curvy figure and that makes me feel so beautiful.”

When did you learn to accept your curves or have you always?
“I didn’t truly accept my curves until I was 18 years old. I realized I couldn’t change the way I looked so the older I got the more confident I was within myself to love my body just the way it was.”

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What’s something you think curvy women should have in their closet?
“I think all curvy women should have a piece of sexy lingerie in their closet. [Some of us] curvy women don’t like to show our bodies in that way but I feel like its important to do so because it breaks the stereotypical standards that society has on women’s bodies.”

Where do you find your style inspiration? Who is your style icon?
“My grandmother inspires a lot of my fashion choices. She would give me all her [old] clothes which sparked a love for thrifting and finding vintage styles.”

What is your favorite fashion staple piece?
“The first leather jacket that I bought from a vintage shop back home in Jacksonville, FL nearly seven years ago. I will always cherish it and I usually always wear it.”

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Do you compromise fashion for comfort or comfort for fashion?
“I’m definitely, style over comfort! I don’t care if it’s hot outside I’m still going to give you the best slay in my leather jacket.”

What shoe brands do you love?
“I love my black H&M platform shoes. They go with [everything] — every day and trendy playful outfits. They’re also very comfortable to walk in but also slay your life at the same time.”

What’s your favorite pair of going-out heels and everyday flats?
“I love my black and white flower pumps from Eloquii. They are cute, classy and comfortable. I am a dancer so either I always have on heels or you’ll find me in Nike or other running shoes.”

Who do you follow on Instagram for style and/or beauty?
“I follow Rihanna and Teyana Taylor for their edgy style. From them, I get old school vibes-meets-the-future.”

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What do you hope the fashion and beauty industry will either add or improve?
“I hope the fashion industry will focus more on headlining more girls you wouldn’t normally see. More curvy girls and also darker-skinned women in general. It is very rare for you to see women like that broadcast in the fashion industry. It’s time for our society as a whole to be more accepting of [another] form of beauty.”