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Supermodel Joan Smalls Claps Back At Commenter Attacking Her Black Pride

" I am pro human. I'm a mixed child, embracing ALL of my background and cultures," wrote Smalls.
Supermodel Joan Smalls Claps Back At Commenter Attacking Her Black Pride
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Racial tension in America is at an all time high, so much so that it’s seeping into the comment sections of supermodels who are simply trying to slay.

Joan Smalls got called out in her comments after posting a stunning picture of her rocking a perfectly picked out afro.

When Instagram user @foreign.extract asked “Are you really down for the cause?” another user by the name of @gypseehustle replied “@foreign.extract No she’s not. Very seldom do I see her standing up and speaking in honor of black people. I’ve seen one interview where she talked about being a black model is a little more difficult. She’s very pro Puerto Rican though.”

Joan wasn’t about to let that one go without retorting so the supermodel clapped back saying, “@gypseehustle sweetie. Do me a favor please don’t assume my beliefs or values. I am pro human. I’m a mixed child, embracing ALL of my background and cultures. I know it’s confusing for some people to understand. You don’t know me or my family history. Don’t assume that’s all. All love”

The quote gypseehustle is referring to is a 2014 interview with Porter magazine where the model reveals the struggles she’s encountered as a model of color including being completely looked over. When it came to her ethnicity however, Joan’s stance remains the same. “I’m not just one thing: I’m Black, I’m Latina,” Smalls said. “It’s cool that people can see that a person doesn’t fit into a box and isn’t just a category. That’s the message I always try to push out there.”

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A scroll through Joan’s comments sees @gypseehustle coming back with, “Don’t call me sweetie, thank you.You put your life out there to the public. I’m speaking on what YOU have chosen to put out to the world and what you frequently advocate for is Puerto Rican Pride which is fine that’s your choice. There’s nothing confusing about being of a mixed race. I’ve always looked at you as one of the few popular black models that young women of color have to look up to and have been slightly disappointed you don’t use your voice more.”

The exchange has sent off a frenzy of back and forth between Joan’s supporters and those who agree that she’s not vocal enough.

We doubt Joan Will come back with a rebuttal now but does gypseehustle have a point?

A quick glance at Joan’s page sees one post where she speaks on the difference between ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘All Lives Matter’ but not much else other than that.

Well said Adam, well said. #Regram @quianagrant #GoodMorning

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So, the question becomes what, if any responsibility does she have to speak out about Black issues?

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