The Ultimate Guide To Fall Jackets For Women With Long Arms
Old Navy

It’s no secret that tall women enjoy amazing perks and unfortunate annoyances alike.

On one hand, we give off supermodel vibes, never have trouble reaching the top of the cabinet and always stand out! On the other hand, the dating pool can be smaller, we’re subject to super useless comments like “you’re so tall” (blank stare) and the fit of mainstream clothing can be a hassle.

As fall approaches, one of the most annoying fashion pitfalls rears its ugly head — jackets with sleeves that are way too short and take you back to your awkward middle school days.

Luckily, for all the gazelle-like goddesses out there, plenty of brands are answering the call and offering options for women 5’9″ and over. That means no more rolling sleeves up, wearing longer sleeves under your coat for full coverage or weird gloves that fill in the gaps.

If you’re looking for super cute, basic jackets to take you into the cooler fall months, look no further! We found the pieces that’ll help you look your best!

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