This Celebrity Stylist Left Us With These Fashion Notes To Stay Fabulous

Stylist to the stars J.Bolin dropped some major fashion gems at this year’s ESSENCE Festival and they’re guaranteed to elevate our personal style.

For starters, as much as we love a good slay and enjoy doing the most when given the opportunity, J.Bolin suggests not overdoing it. Particularly when it comes to incorporating various accents to your looks. He advises that we stick to just three focal points for any lewk — whether it’s rocking sunglasses with a belt and cute shoes or a vibrant lip color with a belt and show-stopping pants. 

The celebrity stylists also recommends we ditch wearing jewelry sets — you know the statement necklace you bought with the matching statement earrings? Don’t wear them at the same time — you may be doing just a bit too much. If you’re going to wear a statement piece, specifically with jewelry, keep it all in the same area – like stack your rings or bracelets.

One of our favorite tips is J.Bolin’s advice on keeping your waistline snatched. Two things: Spanx and undergarments. He says, “the foundation is the most important thing.” Isn’t that the truth?  He highly suggested seamless shape wear by Angela Dean, which are worn by Oprah, Jill Scott, and Niecy Nash — just to name a few.

Check out J.Bolin along with his client and Queen Sugar star, Tina Lifford, share some style hacks at the 2018 ESSENCE Festival.

As J.Bolin says, “Own your style, don’t let your style own you.” Now it’s time put these notes to the test in our everyday style. Check out more of what he had to say below!


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