During this pandemic, Zoom has saved many of us. From work meetings to digital parties, the video conferencing set-up has taken place of what would usually be a face to face encounter.

Until the world can return back to “normal,” a video call can serve as a chic style practice to show off that piece in your closet you were hoping to wear on your next outing. Many have been on lockdown for over a month, and one of the many ways to make each day is count is to feel and look your best – in whatever that is. There are no real rules to a Zoom call look, but there are ways to make cheeky fashion accessories conversation pieces, apart from the subject at hand.

While serving a look through a screen may not be an ideal way to show off your spring/summer wardrobe, unfortunately we have have no choice until further notice. This is the perfect time to grab a few of your favorites pieces out of the closet and give your peers a new look each day. Scroll below for a few tips to look your best of your next Zoom call.