How Wearing Keds Help Elyse Fox With Motherhood

Elyse Fox brings life to the phrase, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” While juggling her collectives Produced by Girls, Sad Girls Club, and her filmmaking career, Fox also welcomed a new addition this summer. And when scrolling down her insta feed, you will be greeted with darling mommy and me photos.

Fox’s aesthetic lies within using her voice to alert her following about inclusivity. Through her multiple platforms she has become a voice for not only women of color but for mental health, beauty, and fashion. The Dazed 100 superstar partnered with Keds last month for Women’s Equality Day and ESSENCE got a chance to chat with the new mom about how she balances it all. Read below.

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Review time! I’ve finally had a bit of time to use a variety of baby products and below are my faves~ 1. Bath time aka my favorite time: Baz was gifted a @bloomingbath and it makes bathing 🧼 him a breeze, he sits back and enjoys his mini spa while feeling supported. What I like most is that he’s able to lay his head back freely, he even falls asleep during bath time making the transition to bedtime easy🥰 ($39.99) 2. Bedtime: We are loyal SNOO fans by @happiest_baby. Dr. Karp created the safest baby sleeper ON THE MARKET & let me tell you, owning the SNOO is like having an extra set of hands/night nurse. The SNOO plays white noise as your baby rests & rocks them to sleep. If your baby becomes flustered the SNOO adjusts the white noise level and movement of the rocker to ease baby back to dreamland. There’s also an app we use to track Basel’s sleep patterns and it also allows us to control the levels from outside of the room. ($1200 & monthly rental options are available!) 3. Diapers/Wipes: We use @honest diapers & wipes now but our original faves were from Joonya! Joonya wipes were a lil too pricey ($21) imo but the quality is bomb & they’re free from harmful chemicals. We found Honest ($16.99/box) in Target & were sent @bamboonature. You honestly can’t go wrong choosing either of these options. 4. Skin/Haircare: Basel has suuuper sensitive skin just like his mommy. I wanted to try out a few products before giving an honest review. @bambonatureusa products WIN! His skin has done a complete 180 since using their skincare set ($37). It includes bath oil, bath balm + lotion and body wash. It’s scentless and wonderful. Basel also has my kinky hair 🤴🏾 and keeps his curls hydrated with the @sheamoisture Kids collection 5. Transportation: I ❤️ having Basel as close to me as possible at all times 🙂 I adore my @sollybaby Wrap ($65) and my @lovesakurabloom carrier($240). @hicolugo heard my cry for help 😩while searching for a lightweight stroller and sent us one! The stroller folds down easily and includes a carrier, it’s also small enough to be a carry-on ✈️ ($285) I have a bunch of baby extras. If you, or anyone you know is in need of baby tings DM me📩

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ESSENCE: What makes this relationship with Keds so special?

Fox: Keds were part of my childhood. Growing up, we didn’t have a ton of money and Keds were the affordable option for myself and my sister. I loved how they complimented every outfit I owned.

ESSENCE: What is the best place to wear your Keds?

Before my mommy days, I liked to wear my Keds while Skateboarding, now that life is more mellow I wear them to run quick errands around Brooklyn.

ESSENCE: What’s your favorite pair?

The OG’s (Original Champion).

ESSENCE: How has that transition been to motherhood?

Fox: The transition into motherhood was honestly tough. As an entrepreneur and filmmaker, my life completely revolved around my businesses and the change affected my mental health. I’ve been experiencing spouts of postpartum depression but I’m actively working on making the proper adjustments so I can be my best self for baby Basel. There’s nothing I would trade for the feeling of being the mother of such a gorgeous boy.

ESSENCE: How important is it to have a good pair of shoes being a mom?

Fox: Comfort is huge for me. My day begins around 7:30am and I’m on the go until the late afternoon. There’s so much I worry about throughout the day and having a comfortable pair of shoes removes one worry from my list. Keds are durable enough for a full day of mommy/work duties.

“You’ve just created life and you’re amazing. ” – Elyse Fox

ESSENCE: What advice would you give a mom who is scared they may lose their cool or spunkiness when they become a mother?

Fox: I would love to tell new moms that I know things may appear a certain way on social media but please understand that motherhood looks different for everyone. You will lose your spunkiness in the beginning, but it’s only temporary. Take time to be there for your baby and add some self-care in the mix, be vocal about what you need. You’ve just created life and you’re amazing.


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