The countdown to music festival season has officially started: one of the first to kick off the season, Coachella, is just days away.

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the chance to wear cutoffs, dance around with our BFFs, and hear the sounds of our favorite artists. We’ve also been anxiously awaiting the opprotunity to rock all the cute, festival-ready clothes we’ve been snapping up over the past few months. So now that it’s time to pack, what exactly should we bring?

For one, you probably only have a carry-on. So that means you only have a limited amount of space to gather your beauty products, intimates, clothes, and footwear. Ugh! So, it might not seem feasible at first, but it is possible.

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No one knows festival packing better than a DJ — you know those badass ladies who not only provide the amazing tunes for the world’s most buzz worthy parties and enjoy the action packed weekends themselves. So, we asked four of the world’s finest—Hannah Bronfman, DJ KISS, Kitty Cash, and Olivia Dope—to tell us for everything you need to pack.

Check out the gallery above!