Considering the times we’re in, video conferencing is the only way we can safely communicate with our friends, colleagues and loved ones. During this current COVID-19 pandemic, it has forced us to create innovative digital activations like virtual brunches and happy hours to stay connected. And while this is all done in the comfort of your home, it doesn’t hurt to change out of those pj’s and jazz up your look to enjoy a digital series of your liking.

When it comes to the quickest way to upgrade your look, a pair of hoops will do the trick. No matter the size, a hoop is the key piece that will radiate through any of your video calls. While there is a solid and always trusty number of gold hoops at the beauty supply, it is unfortunately one of the businesses that are closed during this time. So why not invest in a pair of hoops that will last?

From Susan Alexandra to The Last Line, there are always jewelry selects to purchase online, and now is the time to take advantage of a fun hoop to include in your living room look. Scroll through a few chic pairs of hoops that will shine through any video call.