We all need to step into our glow after this whirl wind of a year and actress Tia Mowry is getting a head start. The mom of 2 has managed to grab over 8 million followers on Instagram by posting content that is double tap worthy and she is not stopping for the holidays.

Last month, Mowry teased a short blonde bob that even had us questioning our hair color and this weekend, she posted a photo in the ultimate fall look. This Saturday, Mowry posted a chic photo wearing a pair of Ulla Johnson brown high-waisted shorts and a half cut Natori Company turtleneck. “I’m too #busy minding my own business,” the caption read. Considering today is the first day in winter solstice we can only imagine that the star lives on the West Coast, where leather shorts can be worn year round.

There’s nothing like a confident mama, and Mowry’s self-assurance is just what we needed to help us bring in 2021. Check out some sizzling photos from the actress below.