The pandemic has left many working from home. Over the past few weeks, as COVID-19 has worsened, protocol for staying in the house has become mandatory. Words like social distancing and quarantine have made its way into our everyday vocabulary, and grocery store runs are now “fun.” But, when it comes to getting use to this new normal, does that mean wearing you office attire to the living room? Absolutely not.

It’s quite unrealistic to think that your workday will mimic your office routine, which includes your usual business casual getup. There’s no need to wear heels or a dress shirt because “reports say it makes your day go faster.” However, it may help to create a routine and put on a look that makes you feel better. Whether that’s a dress or a T-shirt and sweats combo, there are no rules to a WFH lewk except to feel comfortable enough to get through the day.

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When there are kids, spouses, roommates or family members quarantined in your home, it’s okay to understand that your workday may not be what is once was. And the last worry you should have is your work-from-home look. Here how 16 ESSENCE staffers are authentically maneuvering through this pandemic.

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