Designer Atira Lyons Facing Criticism Following The Announcement Of Store Closing

While Black Twitter repeatedly goes above and beyond in highlighting Black professionals and Black-owned businesses in the most positive light, its just as fast to hold those those same brands accountable. This weekend was proof when a small business owner announced the closing of her store.

You’ve probably seen or heard about Atira Lyons for the brand’s velvet and silk durags that have gone viral countless times. The success from the luxurious durags led Lyons to opening a storefront on the iconic Melrose Avenue at the young age of 20 years old. Upon initially announcing the opening of her new store, supporters and those that followed Lyons online congratulated her and emphasized the significance of the historic moment. Yet, in light of current events, the online community familiar with Atira Lyons seems to have had a change of heart.

Last week, Lyons announced the closing of the Melrose Avenue store on the brand’s Twitter page — which has since been made private. Lyons did not disclose the reason behind closing the retail store, however the Twitter threads that followed the announcement allegedly provide an explanation of the demise. 

Former employees of Atira Lyons claim that they worked under poor conditions and consistently struggled with getting paid on time and even not getting paid at all.

One of the Twitter threads disclosed that the contractor, who remodeled Lyons’s storefronts for her clothing brand and nail salon, never got paid. And even after winning a legal settlement, the contractor is still awaiting payment. 

Lyons, whose tweets can no longer be linked after recently setting her account and the brand’s account to private mode, has replied to some of the tweet.

Also unearthed were disturbing tweets from earlier this year where the designer made controversial, sexually-charged comments about having a future daughter. 

The bio of the brand’s Twitter account now reads, “I hope ur happy losers….”.