Hanifa Drops The ‘Capsule III’ Collection — And It’s Everything You Need To Celebrate Your Curves
Courtesy of Hanifa

Anifa Mvuemba— the fashion designer that went viral in 2020 for her innovative 3D fashion show— has just released the Capsule III collection for her brand Hanifa

The surprise debut of the capsule collection is just what every woman needs to express their love for eye-catching hues with vibrant oranges, soft lilacs, notes of vanilla, and pops of teal and green specially chosen to cater to rich and deep skin tones. 

Mvuemba explains that the six-piece collection is designed to be a love letter to her body, meaning each piece is beautifully draped to accentuate the curves of a woman and her femininity, without giving away her body’s sacredness. The myriad of lengths, colors, and silhouettes are elevated even further with bold statement jewelry, accessories, or designer heels.

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Since launching in 2012, Hanifa has been building a name for itself in the fashion industry with notable style icons like Tracee Ellis Ross, Mary J. Blige, and Gabrielle Union turning to its outstanding designs to enhance their curvaceous bodies. 

Many of Mvuemba’s followers are appreciative of her size-inclusive approach to design, along with her unique take on releasing collections. This may explain why her brand was one of the 10 finalists of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. (CFDA)/Vogue Fashion Fund. 

The Capsule III Collection is available now at Hanifa.com at affordable prices under $300.