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Everything We Know About Gucci's Amazingly Inclusive Campaign Featuring All Black Models

We are so here for this! 
Everything We Know About Gucci’s Amazingly Inclusive Campaign Featuring All Black Models
Brandon Stanciell

Gucci literally just stopped us in our tracks with audition videos featuring all Black models via their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The short videos feature the group of beautiful brown models, who we assume are also dancers since the voice in the clip interviewing them asks how long they have been dancing. From there things get really interesting when they are asked to describe their spirit animals. Answers range from a bumble bee to a bull. A few of the subjects are also asked what it means to have soul, which yielded responses like “It means to be you in the purest form.” Finally they are asked to show of their dance moves and the rest if pure magic. 

The nearly 100 year old Italian luxury brand has missed the mark when it comes to diversity in recent years — rarely using more than one black model to respresent its pricy designs. However, these Pre-Fall 2017 auditions are a beautiful move in the right — more inclusive — direction. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the videos, a spokespeson for Gucci told Business of Fashion:

“Dance is an important part of this story and consequently the casting reflects this. However, it is also the case that [Gucci designer] Alessandro Michele has always celebrated diversity in all of its forms in his approach to his work.”

Here’s a look at a few more of our favorite audition clips…

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Again, this is a major win in the campaign for more diversity in the fashion industry. Renowned casting director James Scully, who has been critical of the industy’s lack of inclusion, is excited and encouraged by Gucci’s latest effort. 

“I’d really like to see some character be allowed back into the industry, and enough diversity on all levels back from race to age and body size so you have the variety of choice rather than just trying to fill an outfit with a body,” Scully told BoF. “Designers are being more open than ever and we are also entering a new generation of designers for whom issues of race are less an issue than the generation now in charge.”

Watch all of the videos on Gucci’s Instagram account, and get ready to dance along!