National Women’s History month is in full swing and if you’re looking for the perfect way to uplift and recognize the amazing women that have blazed paths, look no further than the #BEENBOSS tee.

GLOSSRAGS, the activist brand known for it’s And Counting Tee and Walker’s Legacy, a professional collective for multicultural women in business and entrepreneurship have teamed up to honor women of color entrepreneurs in the most stylish way.

The #BEENBOSS tee celebrates a diverse group of forward-thinking, enterprising, business women of the past and present including Oprah, Madame C.J. Walker, Sheila Johnson, Kathy Hughes and Tyra Banks.

“In honor of Women’s History Month, the #BEENBOSS design commemorates the achievements of these pioneers in business ownership, and further supports the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the socially impactful work of Walker’s Legacy and GLOSSRAGS,” says Natalie M. Cofield, founder and CEO of Walker’s Legacy. “We’re particularly excited to be working with GLOSSRAGS’ inspirational clothing line to further our mission of engaging women of color in business and entrepreneurship, and to add encouragement and others areas of focus to a movement born from injustice.”

In a climate where women’s rights are at the forefront and our voices are louder than ever, the #BEENBOSS t-shirt is right on time.

“This collaboration really embodies a meaningful celebration of women’s history that goes beyond Women’s History Month. #BEENBOSS represents more than a century’s worth of creativity, innovation, and determination by women whose dedication and sacrifices have undoubtedly shaped entrepreneurial culture and opened doors for countless women of color.”

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Here’s to the women who’ve been shattering the ceiling, been making their mark on the world and who’ve #BEENBOSS.

You can grab a tee of your own and learn more about the women who inspired it at