Here’s What It’s Like Getting Ready With OHSO
Photo: Sergio Martinez

Have you ever walked into a party and wondered why they’re so many men? Us too. And to makes matters worse, men at a party who don’t have any type of boundaries? Well, thanks to OHSO, her “Bounce Dat” series invites queer folk and women to enjoy her parties without inconsiderate cisgender men roaming the event. OHSO – originally from Ethiopia, moved to Miami on a oneway ticket. Since then, she has collected over 30k followers and taken Bounce Dat on tour worldwide. “I feel like God was kind of navigating me the entire way with little messages,” she says. While OHSO hasn’t banned straight men completely from her parties, you have to be accompanied by a woman to get past the door. In other words, if you’re not an ally for women or the queer community, there is so place for you at her parties.

“I feel like God was kind of navigating me the entire way with little messages.” – OHSO

Today, the trans community, as well as black women are losing their lives at an alarming number. Parties like OHSO’s create a sacred safe space for targeted individuals to party while also feeling a relief to be around people who look like them. Last month, OHSO hosted her Bounce Dat party with Red Bull in Atlanta, Georgia with performances from Diamond and Princess from Crime Mob, Queen Key, and a special DJ set from OHSO herself. “I literally woke up the day before and was like, “holy shit,” I’m about to do this huge event for Red Bull Music Festival,” she exclaimed.

Before her biggest Bounce Dat to date, ESSENCE got a chance to get ready with this groundbreaking creator. Read below.