Watch company TW Steel tapped Kelly Rowland in December to become the official worldwide brand ambassador. Since then, the singer has been at work developing a special edition collection of timepieces: fabulous his and hers rose gold, croc embossed chronograph watches. At the unveiling, we asked Kelly to dish on the design details and collaborating with the brand. How did TW Steel approach you about the collaboration?

KELLY ROWLAND: Above anything, what I love about the collaboration with TW Steel is that it was organic. You always see so many different people link up with different brands; to me it’s all about making sure it matches who you are and your lifestyle. And to me this watch is completely my lifestyle. I love luxury, but I also like for it to be affordable and great — it’s an incredible product and I love big face watches. It was perfect; and it’s sturdy, it’s cool and still sexy. It’s empowering to me, the fact that it’s got this weight on it. I just love everything about it. And I was a fan of the watches even before I did mine, so it makes it just that much easier to love. What other pieces did you own?

KELLY ROWLAND: I have this other one that is a rose gold with a black face, that one is gorgeous. And an all white and rose gold one. I really love rose gold! And an all black one as well. I’m a fan all of the watches, even some that look a little too big for my wrist, but I just love them so much and they look cute with my little bracelets. Tell us a little about the design process.

ROWLAND: The integrity of the watch was already there, it already existed, I just wanted to add a feminine touch and that was really important to TW Steel as well. So we just added the pink there and the pink just made it pop. They wanted to know my favorite colors and they made the process about me, and still keeping the integrity of their brand. I really loved that it was a real collaboration, so that’s what made it even better. Yes, it’s quite a statement piece, who is the girl that’s rocking this piece?

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ROWLAND: The girl that’s rocking this piece is any girl that walks down the street with great confidence, she has that extra dose of oomph and edge to her. She’s not to be dealt with, she means business — I love that! How are you rocking this watch?

ROWLAND: There’s so many ways, whether it’s a dressed-up outfit or a dressed-down outfit but I love rocking it by itself or if it’s a more casual day and I want to layer it up. We’ve noticed that you’ve been tweeting a lot from the studio.

ROWLAND: I have! Can we expect anything new in the pipeline?

ROWLAND: Oh absolutely! I just released a record with Lil’ Wayne called Ice, we created something really special. And it’s produced by Detail, written by Sean Garrett, and we just had fun. Sean was just like, “You need to do that element of sexy again!” Sexy for me is just empowering and it feels good to not be afraid to wear that as a woman, because we are naturally sexy. Look at the curves on our bodies, we can bare children and have them — it’s incredible.

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