Let’s just call it “Period Peace.” on the last day of Fashion Week, designers seemed to be in a nostalgic mood. From Ralph Lauren’s twenties glam to L’Wren Scott’s sixties chic, there was a strong focus on bygone eras. But how does this translate into clothes? Read on to see.

Colors: Designers let loose n the chicest way possible on Day Eight of Fashion Week. It wasn’t about color or a color but really lush and luxe fabrics and materials that overshadowed any hue. Instead of a plain yellow, labels like Naeem Kahn and Perry Ellis, served up yellow crystals piled on to a gown. Instead of black gown, L’Wren Scott designed one dripping with sequins. It was color – but in the boldest most imaginative way possible.

Shapes: As with collections that pay homage to times gone by, the shapes were very retro in feel. Ralph Lauren’s twenties siren wore her clothes very lose around her body, L’Wren Scott’s sixties girl wore super tight, sexy, knee length dresses while Isaac Mizrahi’s homage to over-the-top glam featured gowns that cinched at the waist and blossomed out at the ankles.

Fabrics: If you love to touch luxe things, then you will love the collections of Day Eight. Sumptuous silks, sparkling sequins, clear cut crystals and more reigned supreme. Even swatches of plastic had their day as innovative designer Marc Jacobs, sent that (worn as a skirt) down the runway.

Where You’ll Wear Them: Super glamorous once in a lifetime events. Or just those days you want to feel every bit the sexy, sophisticated and sultry woman that you are.