Colors: Crisp, clean white is emerging as the sleeper hit of the season. From Rachel Zoe to Bebe, designers balanced print heavy collections with pops of pure, plain white.  Just as with previous days prints continued to be floral based. Donna Karan took a departure from that by opting for bold graphics which were almost tribal in feel and emotion.

Shapes:  The seventies silhouettes which has been a soft whisper, became a loud roar on Day Five. Designers like Chris Benz and Betsey Johnson showed off shapes like palazzo pants, high waist denims and flowey caftan style dresses which are really evocative of Seventies chic.

Fabrics: Easy, breezy chiffons that add a swing to your step were uber popular and crafted into skirts and pants throughout the day.

Where You’ll Wear Them: Party much? If so, these clothes are yours! While they were definitely not about the club scene, these pieces are perfect for those long brunches that turn into early dinners that turn into late cocktails.