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Herieth Paul Tells Us Her DIY Natural Hair Cocktail For The NYFW Runway

Plus, how the big chop boosted her confidence!

Being granted backstage access during NYFW means getting to rub elbows with some of the most beautiful women in the world. This season has been especially exciting because I’m picking up beauty tips that are actually black girl-friendly.

One of my favorite things to ask the models is how they take care of their skin and hair in between shows. If their faces can survive layers upon layers of runway makeup, I need to know what they’re doing so I can copy it immediately.

While perusing the scene at Jonathan Simkhai, I bumped into Herieth Paul, who divulged her surprisingly simple pre and post show routine. Here’s proof that supermodels are actually human: 

“What I love to do is spray myself with an Evian water to refresh my skin before I put anything on,” she dished while getting her makeup done. 

“And the second thing I do is moisturize. I love Fresh moisturizer. I put that on and it preps my skin for putting on any makeup. And when I get home and have a lot of makeup on, I use a Clarisonic. Honestly, it’s the best thing; I have less breakouts.”

And of course, we had to talk about the Tanzanian’s fabulous TWA, which she tells me was a blessing in disguise for her career.

“When I first cut my hair, it was very, very hard because you want to look beautiful and society only thinks beautiful is long hair, blonde hair, blue eyes.”

She continued, “Fashion and this industry has actually taught me to embrace myself and love myself. Everytime I step on the runway, the cameras just go up and I’m like, ‘maybe I do look good. maybe I should stop doubting myself.’ It feels amazing to represent all the little girls who have short hair and are told that they’re not beautiful.”

As for how she takes care of it, the 20-year old swears by a little Creme of Nature Edge Control and two-ingredient cocktail that pretty much anyone can replicate. 

“Shea butter! I melt it, mix with coconut oil and rub it into my hair. It makes your hair really strong.”

And there you have it! Who says achieving healthy hair has to be a hassle? Stay tuned for more exclusive NYFW beauty tips.