This Beauty Supply Store Brand Just Made Its NYFW Debut
Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImage

We’ve already ranted and raved about Tracy Reese’s groundbreaking SS 2017 show; besides being one of very few black designers showing at New York Fashion Week, the runway veteran also employed a mix of models and everyday women to participate in the picturesque presentation. 

And if you were obsessed with the whimsical, fairy-like beauty looks on each woman, you can thank Cantu. That’s right; the haircare brand that lives in your local beauty supply stores made a flawless Fashion Week debut in one of this season’s buzziest moments.

“We’ve been really trying to support a designer and woman of color for years,” Dametria Mustin, Cantu’s Global Marketing Director, told me backstage. “We’re just so excited to be with Tracy Reese and the head stylist has really aligned with our message of embracing our texture and not forcing anything.”

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Cantu Global Stylist Maria Antoinette added, “We’re all over—we’re at Walmart! And to think that we’re at Fashion Week, but also have something that all consumers can get; it’s great to have a mix of the two.”

From kinky to coily to straight, Cantu made sure to craft a custom cocktail for every model participating in the show; not just the women of color.

Beautiful in every shade, texture and age! 😊 #NYFW #CantuNYFW #tracyreese @tracy_reese #SS17

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“The great thing about us is we have products that go across multiple hair types and textures,” Maria added. “So, we have lighter formulas that can go with straighter hair textures. Every model here will have Cantu in their hair.”

After spotting the brand’s Wave Whip on several tables, I couldn’t help but ask how those not walking the runway (i.e. regular folk like me) should be using these products from day to day. Of course, it all depends on your curl pattern.

“The looser your curl pattern, the looser the viscosity, the looser the hair product,” said Mustin.

“For instance, if you have wavy hair, you may want to use something in more of a liquid form, like the mousse or the Wave Whip. If you have tighter coily curls, you may want to use something like the Coconut Curling Cream or a leave-in. Not every product is going to work on every hair type.”

Beyond the hair tips and NYFW craziness, I was reminded that moments like these are so much bigger than fashion and beauty. They provide a unique opportunity for women to support and uplift one another. Bravo to Tracy Reese and Cantu Beauty, who continue to pave the way for future collaborations.

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