Frederick Anderson is an African American designer that made his debut last season with his collection titled Black. Like. Me. This season his inspiration once again came from his culture.

ESSENCE caught up with the designer at a viewing of his Spring 2018 collection to find out what why he decided to call his collection African American.

This is what he had to say,“I wanted to get rid of labels and boxes. I am everything, however, when I have to check a box, I could only African American. I am American; I have been to Africa many times, and what makes me crazy about people who haven’t been is that Africans come in many different colors, there are people in the north that speak French, they are pale, and Muslim. Then you go all the way south and those people are blonde. People aren’t just black in Africa because you can be anything in Africa”.

The designer wanted to show the different aspects of Africa with this collection, so people can get out of labels. His latest collection his pops of vibrant colors, such as red, and multi-colored garments constructed for African baskets.

The most exciting item is the lace tracksuit that allows you to wear a tracksuit at social event, and be appropriately dressed. The best aspect about this collection is that all the items look beautiful on brown skin.


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