Dressing For Your Age

What does dressing for your age really even mean? What if you have great legs, really love to rock mini skirts, and you just happen to be 65? What if you live for a good cardigan, pearl earrings and loafers but you’re 22? In this new year, we implore you to disregard what society says about what you need to be wearing based on your age and wear what you want because it’s your body, your money and your style.

Sticking to the Same Look

Don’t get us wrong. There’s something to be said for having a tried and true look. Something that’s signature to you and who you are is necessary, but you’ve got to switch it up every once in a while, Sis. You don’t have to go crazy, but remember to have fun when it comes to style. If there’s something that catches your eye but you’re not sure if you can pull it off, just try! It’s as easy as a quick search on Pinterest or Instagram for ideas on how to rock it. If it doesn’t work, remember you can always opt to never wear it again.

Ill-fitted Clothing

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Wearing whatever style you want to, and wearing whatever are two very different things. This year, we’re taking the time to figure out what looks, styles and silhouettes really work for our bodies and then werking it! You can do a quick online search, or enlist a professional but you deserve to know what really works for you.

Following Outdated Rules About Weight and Fashion

You’ve heard it all before, “curvy women can’t wear crop tops,” “you have to be a certain size to wear form-fitting clothing,” “You have to have curves to fill out that dress,” “blah blah blah.” There are so many “rules” about what women should be wearing based on size but so few valid points. Don’t even internalize it girl. Find the style you like, the fit that works and proceed to slay.

Following Trends

When you’re a fashion girl, you love a fresh, new trend but don’t let it consume you. If you have a deep love for something that happens to be a few seasons old, wear it! If there’s some new trend that you not really sure about but everybody seems to be rocking it, leave it be!

The moral of the story is that in 2017 fashion is all about doing you!