We’re all in prep mode for cooler temperatures, but it seems as though Fashion To Figure didn’t quite get the memo and has decided to crank up the heat.

With the drop of their fierce thigh-high boots made with the curvy diva in mind, we can’t help but to stan over this epic footwear moment.

Teaming up with fashion blogger Nadia Aboulhosn, FTF is bringing you thigh highs that actually fit and are available in three styles — a snakeskin moment, fierce lace-ups and a sultry faux suede option.

If you’re not yet convinced of your need for these boots let us drill it in — the suede beauties are going for a smooth $109 with the snakeskin and lace-ups coming in at $129.

So, let’s review: We have fire boots, tailor-made to accentuate not stifle your thighs and they’re all under $130?

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We’re sold. If you are too, shop below!